Junkers Watches

Junkers is one of the few existing watch companies that started out as independent brands and still is today. Junkers is a German watch brand, which in itself is generally a guarantee of excellence in engineering and craftsmanship. The company started began with Hugo Junkers, with whom the brand is named after.

Junkers is very well known in Europe and the USA for its affordable quality watches. Junkers watches are very reliable and it is very rare that you will have problems with a Junkers watch. Every model in the Junkers line has a connection to the aircraft that Hugo Junkers designed in the early age of aviation. Hence the names of the different model series such as Tante Ju, JU 52, Jumo, Cockpit etc. One example is the JU 52, it has a corrugated dial that is reminiscent of the corrugated iron used on the JU 52. It's a very unique dial that Junkers is selling pretty much exclusively. Junkers uses stainless steel for its cases and bracelets. Black PVD coated cases are also enjoying increasing popularity with Junkers watches.
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