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What is a Tritium H3 Watch with GTLS Trigalights® illumination

The "Original" traser P6500 Type 6, the first watch with GTLS trigalight's from traser, was launched in 1989. It was the world’s first self-illuminated watch, a model supplied to the US Army in a quantity of over 300,000 pieces in accordance with MIL-W-46374F specifications.

trigalight® TECHNOLOGY
Under the trigalight® brand, mb-microtec provides a unique technology for the defence and watch industries. This takes the form of a maintenance-free system with a constant luminosity that requires no external energy or power source.

WHO IS trigalight®?
trigalight® is a brand of the Swiss company mb-microtec: the inventor of the self-illumination technology. The market leader counts with decades of know-how and is therefore the first choice of professionals.

WHAT IS trigalight®?
trigalight® stands for self-illumination technology and the world‘s smallest gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS). trigalight® consist of hermetically sealed systems, which function entirely without the need for external light or energy sources. It is a widely employed and approved permanent illumination technology.

HOW DOES trigalight® WORK?
trigalight® works similar to a CRT (cathode ray tube), formerly used in TV screens. Like TV CRT, our lights are built using a glass housing, a gas proof glass containment. The inner walls of this glass vessel are coated with a very thin layer of phosphorescent powder. This powder (zinc sulphide) has the ability to change electrical energy into light. The electric energy of trigalight® is generated by tritium gas, a low radiation beta emitter. While decaying, tritium (red) loses its electrons (blue). When such an electron hits the layer, it is captured and transformed into light. The colour variations of trigalight® are therefore not dependent on the gas, but on the coating, which can be varied. The brightness of the lights is however proportional to the filling pressure (quantity of gas.

VISIBILITY for our eyes
The most common color is green, human eye perceives it most intensely. For diving watches on the other hand, blue luminous tritium tubes are common, since blue is perceived as more contrasting than green under water.

The DIFFERENCE between trigalight's® and conventional SuperLuminova watch illumanitaion 
The trigalight glass capillaries consist of hermetically sealed elements that do not require any additional external energy sources to light up. This technology offers a 24/7 light guarantee for a minimum period of 10 years from the date of production. On the other hand, a technology called SuperLuminova is used, which is often applied to the dial or hands. Unlike trigalight technology, Super-LumiNova must be powered by daylight or another artificial light source. In order to ensure the full luminosity of the dial and hands in the dark or at night, the watch should be exposed to bright light. The elements with SuperLuminova technology cannot shine through all night.